Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Who knew my daughter and husband could out-shop me?

Well, Day 7 ended up being bigger than we could have imagined.  Started off with Gary heading out to do some errands and Tiahna and I went to take some photos and visit a souvenir shop nearby.  Camera ran out batteries so not many photos were taken and the shop ended up being dodgy so no purchases were made.  We then all met up and headed to the Florida Mall which wasn't that exciting either.  From there we headed back to the outlet stores.  Who knew my daughter and husband could out-shop me? Yes, I know that those of you who know Gary are sitting there in shock - the man who never wants to go to the shops becomes a shopaholic once we reach American soil. Tiahna and Gary both made a lot of purchases at Guess and Tiahna got a lovely new watch at Fossil.  From there we went to Downtown Disney - OMG - we spent several hours there and still didn't see it all!  As we walked along one vendor gave us a huge free bag of fairy floss - Disney is truly the land where dreams come true! We then decided to drive around the Disney Parks to try and see the Disney castle. We drove for ages and still didn't come across it - I swear the whole of Disney is the size of the Gold Coast, it's huge.  After that it was quite late and we were going to head back to the hotel but I knew Gary had wanted to see downtown Orlando so we kept driving and went through the City centre, it was very pretty and packed even though it was Tuesday night.  Made it back to the hotel at midnight very exhausted.
Day 8 - Late check-out, lunch at The Golden Corral which served a buffet of fantastic homestyle food.  Pot roast, meatloaf, veges etc. Very yum - I'm soooo sick of take-away! We then drove to Cape Canaveral, drove around for awhile and checked into a hotel for an early night. Can't wait until tomorrow.......


  1. And, in case the news hasn't got to you by some other means, you read it here first ... Tanya gave birth to a baby boy 2:45 a.m. Friday Oz time! Both doing well, baby awaiting a name!! (6 lb 9 oz, but don't quote me).

  2. Yay! Everybody is excited about Tanya and Leo's baby!! Ed and Franki are going to the hospital at Logan as we speak, picking up mum on the way. She will be so excited!! Maybe she will say 'What is happening?'
    Sounds like you have had another couple of full days! Re take-aways - yes, you get sick of them. Paul and I have opted instead for counter meals at pubs where you can get lots of lovely veggies! I like the 'order your main and then, choose your own add-ons from the salad/veg bar' variety. We are 'shaking' at lunch time and eating out at night when we are in Dalby. :) We got back to the GC last night. Paul left this morning (Friday) to go to a BFP Budget Meeting at Buderim this morning, leaving me to do some washing, general catch-up and Christmas stuff. Hoping to fetch the pudding today from your place. Just after Sunday midnight, we have to be at the airport to bring David and Delwyn's car to them so they can get back to Dalby. Hoping to hand back the Business, but have a sneaky suspicsion they are heading off for another holiday to recover from Africa?? We might be putting in a strong objection to that one!! Will be spending Monday and Tues at M Hill - Tuesday night Paul has another BFP Meeting in Buderim, board meeting with Israel - and then we head for Dalby again straight after that. Our house is at 'enclosed' stage. Only 'fixing' and 'practical completion' to go! Anyway, eagerly looking forward to your next blog. I am helping Ed to connect here as well as he has had no success so far. Love to y'all!! xxx ooo