Tuesday, 27 September 2011

US Countdown

Well - only 63 days until we leave on the trip of a lifetime! But who's counting?  Thought I'd better figure out how to set up a blog so that friends and family can read about our trip as we travel.  Sorry, all you Facebook fans, you'll have to get used to checking my blog for regular updates - tried facebook but definitely doesn't work for our family.  Since booking our tickets so long ago (best to get in early for the best airfare prices) it now seems like our trip planning is going on forever.  As most of you would know, we are the type of people who like to have a road trip where we drive where we want, when we want.
Checklist thus far:
Airfares purchased - Tick
Rental Car booked - Tick
Car Insurance organised - Tick (well kind of just waiting for the GBP to work in my favour again)
Money converted - Half Tick (is there such a thing?)  Half changed, half to go - once again waiting for exchange rates to work in my favour.
Accommodation booked - Nada - where's the fun in that, we only know where we're going to stay when we get there. Ok, Ok, don't freak out. We've booked the important places - arrival hotel, Washington DC for Christmas week and New York for New Year's Eve. We're not totally stupid!
So, I could keep blogging with other arrangements, plans and anticipation but then what would I blog about next time?
Keep watching.