Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Time to leave

Oh wow! I can't believe it's the night before we leave.  Do I have time to sit here typing??? Of course not, but since I started this blog and then promptly forgot I started it (that's not like me now is it?) I figured a very quick update was in order.
So, the rest of the plans went well - or maybe just okay.  A few hiccups with car insurance - why will a company insure Australians one week and then not the next????? Just took some sweet talking and nice emails and that problem was fixed.
Had to take the dog to the vet to get some sedation tablets - for those of you who know Tinkerbell 5 minutes in a car with her is unpleasant let alone 4 Hours!!! Unfortunately for Gary's parents, sedation does nothing for Tinkerbell and she still whined the whole trip. Oh dear :(
Have spent the last week planning daily what needs to be done, but tonight it's all falling in to place.
The mail is stopped, the lawn will continued to be mowed and my friend Veronika will water my plants. Should all work well.
Soooo, tomorrow we catch the 8.25am train to the domestic airport and then a 11.25am plane to Sydney.  From there to Dallas and then Miami, where currently it is 30 degrees.  Hot, hot, hot and here I was thinking I only had to pack winter clothes.
Talking of packing - I don't like the fact that Qantas has cut their baggage allowance from 2 lots of 32kg each to 2 lots of 23kg each!!! How will I bring home all of my shopping???
Well, time to finish packing and get to bed for a nice final nights sleep in my big comfy bed. Have just given all of our garbage to a friend to throw in his wheelie bin - he wasn't really impressed with his Christmas present but I couldn't really leave it in our bin for 6 weeks could I????
Love you all and can't wait until tomorrow!!