Sunday, 25 December 2011

Eleven Pipers Piping.....

Day 25: Ooooh, two blogs in one day, what's happening??? I actually have time to blog, that's whats happening.
Christmas day was spent relaxing in the hotel.  I had stocked up on nibble food at the store across the road on Christmas Eve and we ate so much at breakfast that we didn't feel like going out for lunch.  There were a few restaurants in the pretty street nearby that were offering Christmas Banquets but we liked staying inside for the day.  At 5pm we dressed up warm and drove into the city to walk around the White House on a day that we thought would be less busy in the city - it was packed!  We finally managed to find a park near the White House and walked around both sides of it as well as walking to the Washington Monument.  We were disappointed to see protestors out the front of the White House.  I kind of felt like it was ruining the spirit of Christmas and was feeling sorry for the President's family until I learned that they were in Hawaii - not sure what the point of protesting was then - hmmmm.
As we were walking around Tiahna wanted to sing Christmas carols.  It kind of made it feel more like Christmas walking around in the cold in Washington DC singing carols.  We were having difficulty with the 'Twelve Days of Christmas', we couldn't think of what all twelve were.  I ended up approaching a lovely looking family and asked them for their assistance.  The young girl knew all of the words and we discovered that it was the Piping Pipers that we kept missing, finally we were able to complete our song.
We noticed crowds lining up near a huge Christmas tree.  This time I approached two men and asked them if they knew why people were lining up.  We learned that they were lining up to see the 'National Christmas Tree' and all of the state trees surrounding it.  We decided we could see the tree fine from where we were standing on the side.
We then drove around to the Lincoln Memorial, parked again and spent a little bit of time there.  Gary and I have seen this all before but we wanted Tiahna to see it all since she has seen several of these landmarks in movies.
Gary then went to look at the Jefferson Memorial but Tiahna and I were too cold so we waited in the car.  We finally all have good warm jackets but unfortunately my toes and fingers still freeze.
Headed back to the hotel where Tiahna and I went down to the spa and then came back up for room service and red velvet cake - what a yummy way to finish Christmas!


  1. How great that we can share your experiences. Glad you have a contrast to the Oz weather so that you cab get a feel for a cozy, cold Christmas - even if your extremities still suffer despite the warm jackets - two pairs of socks, maybe, or cardboard in the soles?
    You've certainly gained some knowledge and insight into American history and I didn't know most of the facts you provided - albeit that, with conspiracy theories abounding about 9/11, I question the 'convenience' that so much of the Pentagon was being renovated when the plane hit! Not saying I go along with the theories, but I keep an open mind ...
    We've had an exceedingly quiet Christmas, but broken with a lightning visit to some friends on Christmas Eve and last night heading out to the country for dinner with another friend of ours (introduced by above friends) who we've visited a few times now at his idyllic property in a timeless little village. His house is picture-postcard with fields, chooks, gardens (with fountain), stretching gravel drive, a converted barn with a 1940's (?) renovated black Citroen, a motorbike (!) and a boy's dream workshop.
    We all get back together again this weekend to have New Year's at first lot of friends' home.
    Keep having a great time - stay safe and if you get another chance to stick your cold little toes-ies in the Atlantic .... xxxxooooxxxx

  2. I'll add "Happy New Year" to that, since there haven't been any further updates ......