Monday, 12 December 2011

LIfe is like a box of chocolates....

Day 11:  Up very early this morning and out of the hotel by 7am.  Drove for nine and a half hours until we reached Savannah, Georgia - now that's a road trip! Checked into another 'quaint' hotel in the historic area (this one was really nice, they had yummy home baked cookies upon our arrival) and then went for a drive to look around.  So glad we did, the historical streets of Savannah are beautiful.  There are lots of 'sqaures' which have a park in the middle and houses around the edges and all of the houses are just like the big houses with verandahs that you would imagine being in Savannah.  Everyone had their Christmas decorations covering the houses and lovely lights everywhere.  Even the shopping street was lit with thousands of little white lights.  In the US everyone traditionally puts up their Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving - watch out Gary, this gives me license to put up our tree even earlier next year!!  We drove around the square where Forrest Gump quoted his famous line, 'My Momma always said life is like a box of chocolate' how excitement!
In the Civic Center one block down from us we noticed that Amy Grant was performing but unfortunately we had arrived too late to do anything about it:(
Day 12: Happy Anniversary!! Today is our 19th anniversary, what a better way to start the day than waking up in beautiful Savannah? Well, maybe waking up in beautiful Savannah when it's not raining.  Lucky we went for our drive last night because we didn't get to see very much today.  Drove on to Beaufort where we had planned to stay a night but ended up making a day of it instead.  We went to visit the Parris Island Marine Training Base.  Gary was in heaven, we had to go through a security clearance to get in.  We sat in the car not game to move while they checked our passports and made sure that we were safe to let in.  I think there was some concern about Gary for a little while but they let us in anyway.  It was great visiting the museum and watching the new trainees.  Did you know that when they're new they can't tuck their pants into their boots? They have to earn the right and only get to fold them up until such a time as they receive their band to balloon their pants over the top of their boots. Hmmm very strict.
Continued on to Charleston where we have booked into a very nice hotel and will do our sightseeing tomorrow (and hopefully some washing).


  1. Sounds awesome! Hmm might have to add Savannah to our list to visit. Haha they prob thought UG was some kind of commander. He looks a little like he could take out an army on his own. Sounds like Joe would love it there!

  2. Glad you survived security and did not end up in the klink! Looking forward to hearing about the further adventures of Kimmidoll and co! AND seeing pics when you get home!

  3. That must be a big box of chocolates you are working your way through before your next blog!