Saturday, 7 January 2012

Until we meet again.

Day 37: Today we visited Harvard University, Berklee School of Music, Boston Common and downtown Boston - we LOVE Boston.  It's now our favourite city, yes even over Washington DC.  The people are friendly, the town is clean and has a really nice feel to it.  We watched a one man band in Boston Common and the ice there is nearly hard enough for people to skate on.  I wish I was around to see that, although I wouldn't let Gary on there - we all know what happens then..... We had an early night in the hotel watching television and planned to get to sleep early but there was a 'Happy 93rd Birthday Dr Billy Graham' show on so we stayed up to watch that until midnight.
Day 38: Today was a hot day - 16 degrees! Tiahna says she'll never complain about our winter being cold again - hmm, we'll see how long that lasts.  Today we went to see where the 'Boston Red Socks' stadium is but there was an ice-hockey game on so we couldn't go inside.  Tickets were sold out otherwise we may have gone to watch.  Gary went to an ice-hockey game when we were in LA three years ago and loved it.  We then went to check out a few music stores for Gary, Tiahna and I lost him for several hours - can't blame him though, everything is so cheap here.  We went for our final diner to 'Olive Garden' and then off to buy extra suitcases to bring all of our purchases home.
So this will be the final blog from the US.  We fly out tomorrow.  Boston to LA and then LA to Sydney on the new airbus - should be nice. Then the final lap from Sydney to Brisbane where my lovely sister has volunteered to collect us from the airport, so kind, hope we fit in her car with all of our luggage:)
Thank you all for enjoying this journey with us, I've loved reading people's comments after my blogs and hopefully you've all felt a little bit involved in everything that we've done.
Where shall we go next?????


  1. Another exciting episode!! Tiahna, it REALLY IS HOT here at home!! We have just turned the air-con on and it's early in the morning, or we would truly melt! Glad Gary did not go onto the ice - a CRACK in the ice is not the only crack you see when someone has to try to help him up off the ice! AND we don't want any sprained/strained/torn ligaments, do we? Particularly since you are flying out :) Nor can Roy ever go on the ice, because he skates along very nicely, kicking his legs back, absolutely enjoying himself, not realising he is making all and sundry in his wake, flounder and fall over! Re luggage: If we can't fit all the luggage in the car, we will simply send Gary home on the train and use the extra space! LOL!!

  2. Reminds me of the song "Please come to Boston" (we're staying with some friends and they've got lots of room).
    Did you miss out on the Airbus? We heard they'd been grounded.
    And do I really skate like that, Dit? When did you ever see me skate??? :-)